Corporate Guardians of Northeast Wisconsin, Inc. is a Corporate Guardian service, approved by the State of Wisconsin. We provide all of the services commonly associated with guardians as described in the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services Administrative Code DHS 85.

Our experienced staff is qualified to serve as Guardian of Person, Guardian of Estate, and/or Conservator. We provide professional and confidential services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness and the infirmities of aging throughout Wisconsin.

Corporate Guardians of N.E.W. serve as representative payee to clients in need of assistance in managing their financial affairs.  We assist with bill paying and managing of assets.  Our staff meets with the client to establish a monthly budget and plan for paying debts.  Statements of monthly accounts are available upon request.  Annual accountings are submitted to the Social Security Administration as requested to show that social security benefits have been accounted for properly.

Personal Representative Services are also available to assist individuals and/or families with the closing of an estate after the death of a loved one.  For estates in excess of $50,000 we work in conjunction with an attorney as it is required by state law for these estates to be handled through the probate court.  Estates that are less than $50,000 are handled through the Transfer of Affidavit process.

Corporate Guardians of N.E.W. is bonded and fully insured. 

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Corporate Guardians of N.E.W. also offers Geriatric Case Management for those individuals who find themselves in need of an experienced professional to assist with navigating the ins and outs of difficult government programs and life changes such as: applying for Medicare or Medicaid, finding in home care to remain as independent as possible in their own homes, transitioning to assisted living communities from their home, setting up funeral trusts, bill pay or identifying other services available to them throughout their community.

Geriatric Case Management